Shut-off valves

Radiator fittings

It is used as shut-off valves in hot and cold water supply systems, heating, compressed air, liquid hydrocarbons, as well as for transporting liquids that are not aggressive to the valve material. A special feature of the design is the presence of a detachable connection, which allows you to quickly connect or disconnect system elements. The use of this product as a control valve is not permitted.

Special purpose cranes

The tap is used as a water tap on pipelines of cold (including drinking) and hot water supply systems. The use of this product as a control valve is not allowed.

Check valves

A brass spring check valve is used as a shut-off device to protect the system from possible reverse flow of water. Designed for use in heat and water supply systems.


Used to clean the working environment from possible solid inclusions and abrasive particles.

Faucets for connecting sanitary appliances

It is used to connect devices (mixers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) to the hot or cold water supply network. The faucet allows you to completely shut off the water supply.


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