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We offer complete solutions, impeccable partnerships and a guarantee of on-time delivery.
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The best raw materials and components allow us to provide stable product specifications.

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Unique prices and working conditions in your region.
Wide product range and stock availability.
Advertising support: samples, POS-materials for presenting products in stores, etc.
We offer an impeccable partnership with a guarantee of on-time delivery.
Modern and reliable packaging of REIGER products provides an optimal level of safety during transportation, movement and storage.


Complex solutions. 5 product categories.
Certified products with a manufacturer's warranty.
Timely delivery guarantee.
Convenient document flow and flexible loyalty programs.


We produce high quality products and provide the best conditions for partners. We offer complex solutions, flawless partnership and a guarantee of timely delivery for:
Dealers and Distributors
Construction organizations
Large retail chains
Assembly organizations


What forms of payment are available?

Non-cash settlement, the possibility to make payment in any branch of the bank, according to the details of the legal entity.

Under what conditions do you deliver the goods?

Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by standard 20 ton trucks with the help of logistics companies.

Delivery to European countries is carried out according to one of 3 models:

– FCA. The price specified in the invoice includes the final cost of the product, taking into account the export clearance with the payment of duties, but without transportation costs;
— EXW. The seller delivers when he places the goods at the disposal of the buyer at his premises or at another agreed place. The seller is under no obligation to load the goods onto any means of transport or carry out the formalities necessary for export, if any. EXW imposes minimal obligations on the seller.
— CPT. Means that the seller delivers the goods to the carrier or another person nominated by the buyer at the agreed place (if such place is agreed by the parties). The seller is obliged to conclude a contract of carriage and bear the costs of carriage necessary to deliver the goods to their destination.


We produce high quality products and give the best conditions for partners. Leave your contact, our manager will contact you and answer all your questions.

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