REIGER – bimetal radiators

They combine the best qualities of aluminum and steel radiators. They are efficient, unpretentious in terms of operating conditions and have a modern attractive design, which makes them a good solution for any room.

Advantages of REIGER bimetallic radiators

10 year manufacturer's warranty. Read the warranty conditions in the product data sheet.
The strength of the design allows the radiator to be operated under conditions of high pressure and unprepared coolant.
Suitable for installation in both conventional and low-temperature systems with boilers of any type, including condensing ones.
Quality certificates and technical documentation
Radiator painting by anaphoresis method according to German technologies
High heat dissipation

REIGER – bimetal radiators

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Биметалл 500/96
Межосевое расстояние L, мм
Глубина секции В, мм
Ширина секции С, мм
Высота секции А, мм
Обьем теплоносителя, л
Теплоотдача одной секции Δt=70°C, Вт
Теплоотдача одной секции Δt=60°C, Вт
Теплоотдача одной секции Δt=50°C, Вт
Максимальная температура теплоносителя, °С
Максимальное рабочее давление, Бар
Испытательное давление, Бар
Значение водородного показателя, рН



Installation of radiators should only be carried out:

In the presence of a heat engineering project created by a licensed design organization and certified by the organization responsible for the operation of the heating system of the room in which the installation of this radiator is planned. A specialized installation organization. In accordance with building codes and regulations. After the radiators have reached room temperature in a natural way, without direct exposure to heating appliances; with the obligatory possibility of cutting off the inlet and outlet of the coolant with special shut-off valves. Recommended conditions for installation and operation by the manufacturer: For an optimal heat transfer rate of heating radiators, the distance between the radiator and the floor should be 70-120mm, and between the radiator and the window sill at least 80mm. The brackets should provide a distance from the wall of 30-50mm, as well as the horizontal position of the radiator. Immediately before installing the plugs and adapters, it is necessary to lubricate the gasket with a heat-resistant (up to 135 ° C) silicone sealant. It is recommended to install the radiator to the pipelines without removing the protective polyethylene film, which will protect the appearance of your radiator. In the case of a one-sided side connection of a radiator with more than 12 sections, it is recommended to install a flow guide in the intake manifold with a length of ≈⅔ the length of the radiator. It is not recommended to re-arrange the radiators in order to decrease or increase the number of sections, as well as to replace individual radiator sections. Redesigned radiators are not covered by the warranty. During operation, it is necessary to periodically remove air from the upper manifold using an air release valve. Avoid suddenly opening the radiator valves to avoid water hammer. During the entire period of operation, the radiator must be filled with a coolant in accordance with clause 1.3 of this passport in accordance with GOST 31311-2005, EN 442. Transportation and storage of radiators should be carried out in accordance with GOST 31311-2005, EN 442. The number of sections in serially produced radiators: from 4 to 12. During transportation, a slight loosening of the twisted nipple inside the radiator is possible, therefore, before installing the radiator in the heating system, it is necessary to tighten the nipples connecting the sections to each other.


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    REIGER – bimetal radiators